Creative Direction   •  Branding & Logo Design   •  Product Design   •  Presentation Design   •  Storyboarding

Content Development   •  Blogging   •  Live sketching   •  Illustration   •  Character Design   •  Graphic Design

Strategic thinking   •  Leadership   •  Collaboration   •   Problem Solving   •   Communication

Work experience includes Kansas City based companies Sassafras Marketing and Hallmark Inc.:

At Sassafras, I produced winning creative collateral that enabled primary client Coca-Cola to expand through strategic partnerships with iconic brands. I created and directed concept sketches, storyboards, logo design, illustration and graphic design for B2B presentations, video, annual reports and brand stewardships as well as B2C marketing.

At Hallmark, I began as Illustrator/Designer and worked up to Creative Director, leading teams of Art Directors, Editorial Directors, artists and writers. I led creative teams in the development of proprietary, multimedia, story-based character franchises. I also led a team of art and editorial directors, directing product development for online/mobile businesses: personalized greeting cards, and animated eCards. I created and pitched creative strategies, winning major new content partnerships.