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I'm Jen. A creative director, brand developer, and visual storyteller with leadership, product development and marketing experience.


As a long-time employee of Hallmark Inc. I learned to create “the very best” products that appeal to hearts and minds. I strongly believe in the power of artfully-crafted creative work to enrich lives and human connections—and connections with our pets and our environment.

I’ve designed and directed a wide range of product such as greeting cards, toys, books, and gifts. I’ve also led the vision on new story- and character- based franchises and brought them to life through style guides, animation, and product.

In the marketing spectrum, I’ve designed and developed B2B pitches and presentations, branding, annual reports, logos, and more for Coca-Cola—another highly creative company—through my work at a local agency. I’ve designed B2C promotions and collateral for Coke and many others.

Whether your creative challenge is big or small, I’m here to bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations! As both creator and creative director, I can assemble and lead virtual teams of carefully-selected talent as needed.

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